SOYAFILM® unbeatable extended warranty and replacement program.

SOYAFILM® Unbeatable Guarantees and Exchange Programs!

SOYAFILM® has the absolute best guarantee and replacement program for your removable solar film!
Everything for you to be able to make a successful purchase with solar film that you can even exchange!
Extended warranty and exchange program applies to purchases made from 16/12/2019.
For all handling we need your order number.


Lifetime product warranty
SOYAFILM® is a pre-cut reassembly solar film of the highest quality. We guarantee that the film lasts year after year, as long as you have the car.
The warranty applies to paint resistance, cracking and cracking.
To claim the warranty, we need your order number, and in some cases we need the wrong film sent to us or photographs that describe the error.
The guarantees of course apply to the correct handling of the solar film.

5 year Safety / Damage Guarantee
SOYAFILM® gives you a new film if any of the films are damaged, for whatever reason! After all, it is perfect to be able to switch to exactly the same solar film and you have had a small accident. You get a new solar film to the window at no product cost, the only thing you pay is the shipping cost of 139SEK (239SEK outside Sweden), and that you fold the film together and send the damaged solar film back to us. If there are several solar films that have been damaged, an additional  99SEK will be added per window film in fee. You can avail the damage guarantee on 2 different occasions over a period of 5 years.

Error ordering warranty
SOYAFILM® is manufactured according to order, a so-called "specially manufactured product", in accordance with the regulations of the Consumer Agency("konsumentköplagen"), normally does not apply return or cancellation right.
Should it still be the case that you happened to order the wrong, just replace the solar film with our exchange program.


We have an incredibly popular solar film, SOYAFILM®. When you change car or want solar film on another car for any reason, you can change your solar film with us.
With the exchange program, we protect the environment together by taking care of your used solar film and giving you a new set at a really good price.
1) To change you send the film to us with the packaging it came packaged in, as well as your order number / receipt.
2) When we have received your solar film, we check it so that it is in working order and that all pieces of solar film are included as ordered in the package from us.
3) We send you an e-mail message with a link to order a new package of solar film.
The cost of replacing a package of solar film is 300SEK. If you have ordered all the rear windows, there are as many you can replace.
For example, it can be smart to buy the windscreen, the front doors and all the rear windows in the same package, because then you get a lot of film back at the same cost of 300: -.
If you have bought solar film for several cars, there is a replacement cost of 300SEK per car. Shipping is not included.
We recycle the solar film you sent back in the best way for the sake of the environment.
The exchange program currently only applies to orders in Sweden. The films you send back must be whole, they are a bit dirty or scratched and we approve the change.
You are allowed to change up to 2 times a year, up to 5 years after your purchase! For the exchange of solar film outside Sweden within Europe, the exchange cost is 450 SEK.